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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~nuffnang - the BMW efficient dynamics experience with nuffnangers~

Last weekend, a group of us Nuffnangers met early in the morning at KLCC for a more than 700 KM drive up north Peninsular Malaysia to Belum Resort (a luxurious resort in Perak).

The drive was part of a BMW Drive program to learn about BMW EfficientDynamics and Diesel Technology.BMW provided our Nuffnangers two models to drive: The BMW 320d Sports and BMW 520d Sports Edition. Both models are actually part of a breath BMW Advanced Diesel models introduced by BMW Malaysia which use diesel fuel instead of petrol, which is in line with the company’s focus on Clean Technology to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels while at the same time enhancing the performance and dynamism of the vehicles.

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions in the motoring world today is that diesel vehicles are noisy, dirty, less powerful and even more harmful to the environment. However, BMW through their BMW Advanced Diesel engines have proven things otherwise. We drove more than 700 KM without a single refuel. Allow us to illustrate this in pictures.

This is us waiting for one of our support cars (which runs on petrol ) to refuel at a Petronas on the way. HAHA! We didn’t even need to refuel our cars with a single drop of fuel throughout our journey!

We learnt that Diesel-powered engines provide 15 percent more horsepower with up to 75 percent better acceleration than regular petrol engines. If having more power isn’t good enough a reason to use Diesel cars, diesel engines also consume up to 30 percent less fuel and even emits 20 percent less carbon dioxide (CO2). So you not only save more fuel, but you also get more power in car as well as are kinder to the environment.

Bloggers being bloggers, all of us were busy updating our blogs and tweeting during our 2 day experience on the BMW Drive. Be it on the road (2 bloggers to a car, we took turns to drive) or during lunch. The whole weekend though wasn’t just about eating and driving. We also had a lot of fun at Belum Resort which is located on a manmade island on the Temenggor Dam in the middle of Peninsular Malaysia.

All in all, it was a great drive event organised by BMW Malaysia along with their premium partner PETRONAS to help educate bloggers on BMW EfficientDynamics as well as Diesel Technology which is not only efficient in terms of fuel consumption, but also better for the environment.

On behalf of the lucky Nuffnangers who were treated to this great field trip, Thank You BMW and Petronas for the wonderful experience.

If you’d like to learn more about the BMW Drive program on Efficient Dynamics, you can search Twitter #bmwdrive and if you’d like to know more about BMW EfficientDynamics, click here

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