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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~nuffnang-KL Dragon~

The Nuffnang team recently got a couple of passes to experience the KL Dragons’ match against the Philippines Patriots at MABA Stadium, and here’s what one of the Nuffies, Yee Hou thinks about the match.

I’ve never played much basketball as I wasn’t exactly tall. On occasions when I do actually join my friends for a game, I’ll probably be standing around waiting for the ball to come my way. In short it just wasn’t my kind of sport.Recently, I attended one of the matches on the 15th of November, where KL Dragons played against the Philippines Patriots in MABA Stadium. Despite a very good show from the KL Dragons, we lost to the Pinoys 63-73, who are the Asean Basketball League
http://www.aseanbasketballleague.com/ favourites.

What I loved most about the match? Well it sure wasn’t the amount of free throws that our KL Dragons guys scored, nor was it the fact that I got to walk around taking photos from around the stadium. What I loved was the atmosphere!! ABSOLUTELY ELECTRFYING!

I loved the way the reaction when the flag bearer roused the spirits of the fans. When he ran around the court.

I loved the way the fans reacted each time a shot was scored, or missed by the KL Dragons.

Their reaction towards Pinoy shots were sporting as well. No boos, nothing rude. Sports, truly unites the fans.

KL Dragons fires one at the Philippines Patriots
As time passed, I found myself enjoying the match more and more, and I clenched my fists in anticipation of a shot, pumping my fists when we scored; creatively expressing disappointment if the shot missed.

So now here’s the thing.Together with Nuffnang, KL Dragons is in search for official sportswriters and official photographers. If your photos are great and you write better than me, head on to the KL Dragons matches and let us know when you’ve written about it at kldragons@nuffnang.com. Do include your full name, contact and blog post permalink.


KL Dragons vs. Thailand Tigers
5pm, 13th Dec 2009

KL Dragons vs. Satria Muda BritAma
5pm, 5th January 2010

KL Dragons vs. Philippine Patriots
5pm, 9th January 2010

KL Dragons vs. Singapore Slingers
5pm, 17th January 2010

Attractive remuneration up for official writers and photogs!
Head on to http://www.kldragons.com/ for more information on this team that’s really burning it up. Match tickets are priced at RM25.00
Well if you need more a reason to head on to the matches….

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